The developmental attributes of kindergarten aged children are expansion of elementary skills through playing and social interaction. Kids in the kindergarten years will fortify their skills, numeracy abilities along with their speaking & listening abilities while learning new words as they share their findings with others.

           In numerous kindergartens, small children spend their most of the time on worksheet paper & pencil tasks. Teachers who use sheets of paper think that they are presenting children's learning progress to parents. Regrettably only worksheet activities are not sufficient for the proper development of the child. Thus we at PWS kindergarten, children learn by playing. For adults play is just an activity which involves pleasure, fun and enjoyment but for children it is more than that. We understand that emotional, cognitive, linguistic, social and physical skills are developed through children's play.

           Playing boosts expressive style by endowing children to intervene with their environment to control objects & make creations that convey their ideas, growing gross as well as fine motor skills and out-of-the-box thinking. Moreover, physical play bestows to health by burning energy and building muscle more strong. Thus
“Allow us to make your child’s tomorrow better”.